Drain stoppages / video inspection & drain jetting

Few things are as frustrating as a backed up kitchen sink, a bathtub that won’t drain–or worse–a toilet that is flooding all over your bathroom floor. Sometimes it is a simple clog and at other times is it can be a main line problem.

50th Street (3) (1280x960)We are the San Diego experts at finding a clogged line and dealing professionally with the problem! From simple clogs close to a fixture to main line blockages Morey can and fix it. We use a commercial drain snake for basic clogged lines and powerful drain jetting for more stubborn problems. For problems further down the line we use inline camera inspections: we send a camera down the line to see exactly where the problem lies.

Trust Morey Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Inc. to handle all your drain problems! Call us today!

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