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How to Fix Your Leaking Kitchen Sink By Yourself – Our Guide

A dripping kitchen faucet is not too hard to fix on your own, so spare yourself the frustration by getting the dripping noise fixed as soon as possible. Some people put off fixing a leaking faucet in hopes that it will go away on its own when in actuality, it just gets worse. Not only will this steady dripping annoys you, but it will also add to your water bill over time. You should not put it off any longer, so here is how you can get your faucet fixed all on your own:

Learn the basics

Before you can proceed with any repairs, you will want to identify where the problem is coming from. Understanding the basics about faucets can be helpful, so here’s a little rundown: There are two popular types of faucets; a single valve faucet and a dual valve faucet. It may seem a little complicated, looking at a chart of your faucet, but there are very few places that could be the source of leaking. So, where do you look? Look up an image on the internet of faucet plumbing in order to identify your plumbing system. You will want to identify the end of the faucet, the valve handle seats, and the bottom of the faucet fixture where the plumbing lines come to meet. These are the main areas where faucets are prone to leaking, so these are the areas that you should look first.

Get all the equipment you will need for the fix

Getting the supplies that you will need to fix these leaks can be simple since it is usually a matter of replacing O-rings or gaskets. Some cases may involve putty or silicone if it involves the supply lines. In a serious case, you may even have to completely redo the connection as well. Try to get everything you might need just to save yourself trips to the store. The most important part is to not forget your tools and safety equipment because handling adhesives, sealants, putties, glues, and cement can emit fumes into your home, which can build up to harmful levels.

Fix your sink

Once you’ve gotten all the materials, tools, and equipment you need, you will want to do your research before getting into it. Make sure you know exactly what to do. You can watch videos on YouTube with tutorials to try and identify your problem and fix it correctly. You will need to get underneath the sink and take a look in order to try out all the suggested ways to find out what kind of leak you are dealing with. When you do identify the issue, you will want to figure out what needs to be done to fix it. Get those fixes done and you should be all good to go! If you cannot seem to identify the issue or everything you tried failed, you may need to call in a professional to get the job done. As much as you would like to save money fixing it on your own, a plumber will already have all the materials needed anyway, so you can save yourself the time and money.

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