Regularly scheduled maintenance can keep your San Diego home plumbing systems functioning at their peak all year long. It only takes a little time to carry out maintenance services which will minimize problems that would require considerable time and money to fix. At Morey Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc., we provide all the preventative services you need to keep your system performing optimally. Call (858) 264-3426, or click today.

Preventative Maintenance Program

We understand that your plumbing fixtures are not cheap; we consider them an investment. That’s why we offer annual maintenance programs to protect said investments. Our yearly maintenance programs at Morey Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. will not only prevent you from experiencing costly surprises, but it will keep you on a budget. Speak with us today about which maintenance services we offer and schedule the services that are applicable to you immediately.

Why Worry About Plumbing Maintenance?

Did you know that it only takes one drip per minute from one of the faucets in your home to waste 34 gallons of water per year? 4000 drips from a leaky faucet is all it takes to waste one liter of water. That’s a substantial amount of waste for something so easily fixable. Most people don’t even consider their plumbing until an issue occurs; by then, the problem that could’ve been avoided with regular maintenance checks might have escalated to something more expensive, and certainly wasteful. Routine maintenance plays a large role in helping you to conserve water, save on energy bills, keep clean water flowing in, and flushing waste out.

Any leaks in your plumbing could negatively impact your pipes or water pressure, and it can also cause damage to your home. Consider undetected leaks underneath a sink or in a wall due to lack of routine maintenance: wood rot, mold growth and pipe corrosion are all possible results of negligence. These are costly and inconvenient damages that could be easily avoided.

A flooded room isn’t a farfetched result if a pipe freezes over and bursts. If your home has carpet, you have the time-consuming task of vacuuming and drying out the area quickly and effectively in order to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Plumbing maintenance helps to catch problems – preferably before they even arise – and repair them before they become a bigger issue. You should be checking for small leaks, inspecting the septic system, and paying attention to water-using appliances – such as the water heater, dishwasher and washing machine – periodically to avoid as many potential hazards as possible.

There’s no mistaking: a properly functioning plumbing system is effective. It can easily keep your energy costs down and conserve water, as well as avoid additional plumbing problems that could happen should the situation be left to escalate.

Tips For Improved Plumbing Function

The purpose of our preventative maintenance service is to eliminate the need for expensive repairs down the road. In order to decrease your chances of broken plumbing, ask our technicians about our video drain inspections, drain cleaning and more. These simple services can prevent catastrophic damage that will take time and money to fix.

There are even simple measures you can take on your own that will protect your plumbing. Our experts recommend frequently checking for leaks and being aware of the condition of your pipes. You should check your water pressure regularly, and avoid putting added stress on your plumbing system. Repair or replace the regulator if your water pressure is too high.

At Morey Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc., we’re well-versed in the procedures that ensure a satisfactory and successful installation for different appliances, including but not limited to: dishwashers, washing machines and ice makers. If you have a question about an appliance or accessory and whether or not we can help you with it, just call us and ask. We have the knowledge and tools to help with most any installation.

Additionally, you should never put foreign objects down your drain that are insoluble or can cause clogging problems. Grease, hair and detergents are some of these materials that should never go down the drain in any room of your home.

As bathrooms and kitchens supply the most water in your home, they’re at the highest risk of developing plumbing issues. You can take the following maintenance steps to avoid or deter plumbing issues.

In your kitchen:
  • Don’t put grease or oils down the sink, as they can congeal in pipes and block the flow of water (cooking oils, butters, etc.)
  • Turn the water and garbage disposal on before putting food down it; don’t put any fibrous or stringy waste down the disposal (banana peels, celery, etc.). Run cold water for an additional 15 seconds at least, to ensure the food waste is flushed down appropriately
  • Run the dishwasher at night; this helps to conserve hot water and maintain good water pressure during the day
In your bathroom:
  • Reduce the use of bath oils and place screens over drains to keep them flowing freely and prevent hair from going down them
  • Flush only human waste and toilet paper to avoid toilet clogging. Remember, your toilet is not a garbage can
  • If there are multiple people in your household, waiting 10 minutes between showers can help maintain proper water pressure and hot water throughout the day
  • Don’t use chemical clog removal products if you can help it; some of them cause more harm than good and can corrode your pipes

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