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What To Do If My Garbage Disposal Unit Stops Working

We all produce waste, but it’s essential that we dispose of them in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. This is the primary purpose of a garbage disposal unit, as it helps pulverize your leftovers so they can be processed further with minimal effort and energy. The problem with the garbage disposal system is that it’s a very difficult thing to fix by yourself, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re faced with a faulty garbage disposal, you need to know what to avoid so as not to expose yourself to any risks. That said, here’s our guide to troubleshooting any problems you may encounter with your garbage disposal system:

The Only Rule of Garbage Disposal Repair: NEVER REACH INTO THE DISPOSAL SHAFT

The first rule of fixing a broken garbage disposal is to never stick your hand into it. This is the most basic rule you must follow, as you never know what could happen. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with whirling metal blades.

Now that you know how to keep yourself safe, let’s move on to two of a disposal’s most common problems:

The Garbage Disposal Won’t Run

Much like other appliances, the garbage disposal may not turn on when you flip the switch. If this is the problem you’re facing, the most likely cause is usually faulty wiring inside the unit itself.

The first thing you need to try in this situation is to make sure that the unit is properly plugged in. Since the garbage disposal will vibrate quite a bit when it’s being used, it’s possible that the plug came loose while the unit was spinning, cutting off the unit’s electrical supply. What’s more, since it will have to deal with a lot of vibrations, the wiring may be more prone to damage than other electrical sockets that don’t have to deal with as much stress.

If you can’t seem to turn it on, you may have to try resetting the circuit. If that doesn’t do the trick, you may have to take off the socket’s frame to check for any signs of internal damage. But before you do, make sure that the current is turned off to avoid getting electrocuted.

The Disposal Makes a Humming Noise but Won’t Run

This is another common problem that you will face, but it can be slightly more complicated than the first one. When this happens, it means that the unit is receiving the electricity it needs to function, but some parts of it aren’t working properly, which in turn prevents the blades from spinning. Since there are a lot of things that can cause this problem, it’s often the best idea to check every part of the unit to find out what’s really wrong with it.

The most common cause of this problem is when a large and hard object gets stuck between the blades, as that will prevent them from spinning. If this is the case, you will have to remove the blades so you can take out the object. You will need to use a hex wrench to loosen the bolt that locks the blades in place. Once it’s loose, you can remove the blade from the top of the unit. If that doesn’t work, then there may be a problem with the motor, which is something that’s best left to the professionals. In this case, we recommend that you call in an electrician to see what the problem is. It’s always a good idea to let an expert deal with a problem you don’t know how to fix.

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