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How to Repair a Slow-Running Sink – Our Guide

So you have a sink full of dishes, and you noticed that the water has been running a lot slower than normal. This can be a huge inconvenience and can lead to larger issues in the future if not fixed, as this issue can affect the other fixtures in your home. Here are some things you can do to try to get it done on your own:

Clean out the aerator

If your low water pressure is only affecting one or two fixtures in your house, this might help. Your home’s sinks and shower heads are connected through one aerator that works to maintain an even water pressure throughout the house. There is a screen at the end of this aerator that filters out the water supply. If this becomes clogged with debris, it can also get to your sinks filter. Unscrew the end of your faucet or showerhead, remove the screen, and clean it with vinegar and water.

Check your shutoff valves

Most faucets will have their own shut off valve, but there is also the main shutoff valve. When you get plumbing work done in your home, your water needs to be shut off before the work is carried on, and when it comes time to turn it back on, the valves may not be turned on up all the way. You should check your pressure regulating valve which is located near the meter as well. You may need to loosen a nut before making any changes to your pressure regulator.

Replace your water filters

If your home has a whole-house filtration treatment system, this solution might work out best for you. Filters in these systems will need to be replaced regularly, as they can clog up, which will interfere with the water flow in your home. You should also hire a plumber to come and inspect your water treatment system in case it is in need of repairs or any other replacements that can’t be reached by you. Allow a professional to help you with these fixes.

Try to locate any leaks

Another common reason for low water pressure can be a leak somewhere in your home. You should check along the main water line, the pipe leading to a fixture, as well as the fixture itself. You can also check any visible supply lines or under the sink, and your kitchen appliances. If you find moisture in your walls or ceilings around your home, you will have even more issues that you will have to hire a plumber to help you with. You can also check for leaks by reading your water meter. Shut off all the water throughout your home then leave it without use. Mark the measurement then check it in half an hour. If the meter has moved, then there is a leak in your home’s water system.

Inspect your water heating system

This will only apply to hot water pressure. If the pressure reduces only when you are using the hot water tap, you should try to check if there is a leak or ask a plumber to inspect your water system. You will want to hire someone to help you with this issue immediately.

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